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Caroline K - Now Wait For Last Year

Earthly Delights, 1987

Caroline K. Walters, collaborator with UK-based Nocturnal Emissions an well known experimental/industrial music group in the 1980s. She co-founded Sterile Records with Nigel Ayers in London in 1979. "Now Wait for Last Year" is the only album she made in 1987 and the first release on the Earthly Delights label. The album's title taken from a Philip K. Dick book (Now Wait for Last Year). Married to Danny Ayers (Nigel's brother), and is currently living in Garfagnana, Italy. Caroline also used to performed under the alias SM Andrews. This is an excellent record with the awesome track "The Happening World" which is the whole A side, a display of hypnotic ambient. Very recommended.

Tracklisting :
The Happening World (20:18)
Animallattice (4:49)
Chearth (5:56)
Tracking With Close-Ups (4:39)
Leaving (2:32)

LISTEN : Caroline K

Sad News from Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emission), Monday, 14.July.2008 : I’m sorry to have to report that Caroline K (aka Caroline Kaye Walters) died during treatment for leukaemia in hospital in Pisa on Saturday evening. She was suddenly taken ill and diagnosed with leukaemia a very few days ago. The hospital did all they could for her. Caroline was a long term friend and co-founder of Nocturnal Emissions back in 1980. She married my brother Danny in 2001 and they moved together to Italy that year. They lived with numerous dogs, cats and chickens in a small friendly village in Tuscany. I last spoke to her on Friday and remained in email contact. Caroline was aware of the seriousness of her condition but remained extraordinarily positive and lucid. She chose to keep her illness private and spent her last few days in hospital painting and writing songs.

photo: Caroline K with Danny Ayers in Exeter, November 2007

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